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Whitening Wrinkle DIY - homemade fruit massage cream

A homemade banana wrinkle massage cream, massage the neck , face , hands, anti-wrinkle effect is very good.
1 ) Wash hands , face and neck
2 ) Take a quantity of bananas , placed in a small dish , if you can also add a small teaspoon of soy milk , bananas and milk and then stir into a paste , take appropriate banana milk paste, mirror on the full range of facial massage can be in the forehead and around the eyes as well as prone to wrinkles around the mouth massage while more than a place , use the up mentioning massage , massage the forehead using circle , circle neck using upward lift and massage mixed.
3 ) massage for about 5-10 minutes , massage the back of the hand , until all the materials used .
4 ) Wash the face, neck and hands, massage the skin is very delicate and silky finish .

2 , homemade papaya whitening massage cream, massage the face and hands and lessen the darkening of the skin caused by sun exposure .
1 ) Wash the face, neck and hand skin , to wash the Sese level.
2 ) Take papaya two cm square pieces , crushed in a small dish .
3 ) adding a drop of sesame oil or other oils whitening .
4 ) Stir the material used for massage cream, massage the face , neck and hands until the nutrients are absorbed through the skin , clear skin with water after the massage , the skin feels very fresh and white.