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Breast Pueraria efficacy and beauty food

The nutritional value of Pueraria

Kudzu contains 12% flavonoids, such as puerarin , daidzein glycoside , peanut vegetarian and other nutrients , as well as proteins, amino acids , sugars, and essential iron, calcium , copper, selenium and other minerals, is both young and old Yi precious tonic , the " Millennium ginseng " reputation. As early as the Han Dynasty Zhang 's "Treatise on " in there " Gegen Tang " this famous recipe and still is an important side of the table . "Herbal justice" called Kudzu "the most able to develop stomach clear yang qi ."

Kudzu taste for the treatment of spleen diarrhea, fever, thirst , attending exogenous fever , first term pain intensity , measles poor through the hair , thirst febrile disease , diabetes, alcohol poisoning , chest pain and other symptoms.

Kudzu powder can regulate body functions, enhance physical fitness, improve the body's resistance to disease, anti-sickness , maintain vigor .

Modern medical research, isoflavones have anti-cancer and estrogen -like effects , can promote the female breast , beauty , especially for middle-aged women and postmenopausal women beauty care effect is obvious.

Pueraria powder therapeutic efficacy :

( A ) gradually gained in the chest ( in the greatest degree of flexibility within the limits of plump , upright may promote breast development , plump , but not so fat ) no rebound , lobular improved.

( 2 ) the original melasma diminish and disappear , acne subside significantly .

( 3 ) improve irregular menstruation , women after menstruation fit ring dripping phenomenon has been significantly improved , vaginal discharge becomes very refreshed.

( 4 ) palpitations , hot flashes, mood irritability and other symptoms improved significantly.

( 5 ) constipation , insomnia particularly visible improvements.

( 6 ) If the inflammation of the mouth , and eat two bags right.

Pueraria powder, how to eat ?

Breast : 3 times a day , every packet, insist on taking a month . After nourishing conditioning products can be used as free food .

Endocrine regulation, anti-aging beauty , moisturize the skin : once a day or every other day , long-term consumption .

Beauty: face acne proliferation of the day to take two tablespoons arrowroot , placed in containers , the first with water and mix thoroughly until no trace particle body shape, face, apply a small amount affected area , the remaining boiling water with stirring into a transparent paste taking , about 10-15 days to eliminate , so skin becomes pure and transparent , fair and flawless .