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Fruits and vegetables can reduce sunburn

Cucumber juice

Cucumber with skin effect , the common cucumber slices will cover his face to keep smooth and bright appearance . Sunburn , use cucumber juice on the sore on the skin for about 10 minutes , cool thoroughly into the skin , natural pain reduction . Cucumber juice moisture -rich, contains vitamin C can enhance the skin's regenerative capacity , can supplement the skin loses moisture , but also treatment of peeling . After spreading , water rinse .

Watermelon honey

Someone with a watermelon soup , with a moist results. After exposure , you can peel Daozhi , mixed honey as mask, or deposited in pain at the same sunburn can reduce swelling and peeling skin . Honey the vitamins , glucose and fructose , etc., can nourish the skin whitening , as well as sterilization effect, so as soon as healing wounds , skin smooth .

Tomato Kiwi

In addition to topical can also be tomato and kiwi juice drink, cool and refreshing , can eliminate hot flashes . Both fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant ingredients that can whiten the skin. In addition , fruits and vegetables to supplement the moisture in the skin after exposure to loss of moisture and restore the skin's elasticity.

Walnut paste

Like to eat dessert , then, in the skin after sunburn , you have to choose to eat walnut paste. Walnut paste is rich in protein, fat, potassium, iron, vitamin C and E and other nutrients , including protein and fat to supplement the body's phosphorus, enhance the vitality of the body's cells , the cell accelerated growth .