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Eight skin wrinkle secret account so you reborn

Daily Firming method generally is obtained through a number of convenient firming materials , including :

    1 , ice and cotton - the ice off with a cotton pad moistened with lotion , apply to the face or pores where you can play a good convergence effect .

    2 , towels - dedicated to clean small towel in the refrigerator, washing face, put ice towels dab in the face a few seconds.

    3 , fruit - watermelon , lemon peel and so can be used to attaining, they are very soft convergence pores , inhibit oil secretion and whitening multiple effects. Oily skin can wash your face , few drops of lemon juice in water , in addition to pores , but also can reduce acne and pimples . ( But note that the concentration should not too strong, and can not be directly applied to the face of lemon juice ) .

    4 , chestnuts peel and honey - take chestnuts endocarp , pounded like the end , and honey Stir , applied to the face , make the face smooth and elastic daily firming these methods are very simple to use , because materials are very easy to obtain , but it is also very simple system to do , as in life firming methods are very appropriate.

    5 , Alone in the fragrant rice regiment wrinkles rice well , pick something soft, warm and not too hot rice balled , on the face gently , the skin pores of oil , dirt sucked out until the rice becomes greasy Wuhei , then wash with water , so that the skin can breathe and reduce wrinkles.
    6 , beer beer alcohol content of less wrinkles , contains tannic acid , picric acid stimulate appetite and help digestion and heat effect. Beer also contains a lot of vitamin B, sugar and protein . Moderate drinking beer, can enhance physical fitness , reduce facial wrinkles.

    7 , tea, tea contains more than 400 kinds of wrinkles rich chemical composition, which mainly tea polyphenols, aromatic oil compounds , carbohydrates , proteins, amino acids, vitamins , minerals and pectin , a natural bodybuilding drinks , in addition to improving health , but also keep the skin smooth , delaying the appearance of facial wrinkles and reduce wrinkles, but also to prevent a variety of skin diseases, but be careful not to drink tea.

    8 , chew chewing gum wrinkle 5-20 minutes a day , can reduce facial wrinkles , ruddy . This is because chewing can exercise facial muscles , changing facial blood circulation, enhance facial cell metabolism.