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Four skin food, anti-aging reproduction Young


They can be called groundnuts, production area in South America. It is people Fitch called "meat plant", up to 50% oil content, quality, fragrance. In addition you can eat outside, can also be used in industrial printing and paper, but also a traditional Chinese medicine, more suitable for malnutrition, stomach disorders, cough Tan Chuan, milk missing people eat. There are other more feature is the spleen and stomach, benefit kidney to the water, qi through milk, governance of various blood. Together with the dates of peanut even with the use of red, both tonic, but also to stop bleeding, the most suitable frail hemorrhage, but also play the role of beauty


Nuts are purple-brown, the back is brown hairs, or smooth, flesh is pale yellow. Fruit which contain sugar, a lot of starch, rich in protein, fat and vitamins and minerals. Not only can stomach and spleen, kidney gluten, blood hemostasis, but also can not eat cure nausea, diarrhea and dysentery, hematemesis, hematochezia, tendon injury fractures bruising, pain, scrofula swollen poison and other illnesses.


Flat oval, round one end, the other end of the tip, has a brown skinned. Nucleolus which contains 20% protein, and starch, ground, pressed, the squeeze of oil, is about half of its own weight, almond oil is a pale yellow, although no fragrance, but can soften the skin function. You can also cough and asthma, laxative, pectoral, cough and other diseases.

Nuts contain vitamin E

For example: peanut, chestnut, melon seeds, almonds and so on. When the moisture in the air was reduced solar radiation severe cases, people's skin is more prone to dryness. Then we should continue to supplement vitamin E can reduce skin dryness, because vitamin E is indispensable human skin which antioxidants can prevent the formation of skin lipid peroxidation, is to slow down human aging. Among all the food, nuts are rich in vitamin E content, easily absorbed by the body.