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Eat eight kinds of food to help you whiten radiation

A, green tea, green beans, etc.

Green tea can reduce the radiation hazards, tea has anti-radiation effect of lipopolysaccharide, tea is rich in vitamin A former, it is absorbed by the body, can be quickly converted into vitamin A.

If you are not used to drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play against the computer radiation and regulate bodily function.

Folk known as "bean soup detoxification," said the modern medical studies have proven that green beans contain help the body excrete toxins, speed up the metabolism of the material, which can effectively resist various forms of pollution.

Recommended Menu: bean soup

Diet eat bean soup, remove lead poisoning have some effect. In addition, Helvdoutang also lower blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and other effects.

Second, sesame seeds, malt and astragalus, followed by yeast, eggs, beer, red shrimp, lobster, tigers, tuna and other seafood and garlic, mushrooms, etc.

Selenium has antioxidant role, it is by blocking the body peroxidation and play anti-radiation, anti-aging effect. Selenium-rich foods devaluation sesame seeds, malt and astragalus.

Recommended Menu: black sesame paste

Sesame is not only rich in selenium, is also rich in antioxidant effect of vitamin E, the dual role of MM is more conducive to resist computer radiation.

Three, kelp

Fourth, tomatoes, watermelon, red grapefruit and other red fruits

Fifth, a variety of beans cruciferous vegetables, fresh fruit

Six, cod liver oil, liver, chicken, egg yolk and broccoli, carrots, spinach, etc.

Seven, seaweed

Eight, black fungus