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Short-term vegetarian weight-loss method

1 Eat more fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetables, do not eat at home bought there , they will slowly lose some vitamins, such as spinach at 20 degrees for 24 hours of vitamin C loss amounted to 84%. So try to eat more fresh vegetables.

(2) should not be discarded nutrition section

Such as bean sprouts , some people eat when eating at the bud and the beans lose . In fact , vitamin C bean bud part more than 2 to 3 times. Another thing to do when the juice squeezed out dumplings , vitamins will lose more than 70% . The correct way is to cut marinated dishes after oil , add salt and spices , so that would not be out of oil cabbage soup .

3 cooking stir

According to the determination , salty fried vegetables , vitamin C loss of only 17% , if the fried then simmered dish of vitamin C loss was 59%. Therefore, use stir fry , fried dishes such , only the color delicious good, and nutritional loss. Add a little vinegar when cooking , but also conducive to the preservation of vitamins .

4 hot to eat fried food

It was to save time, like advance to Caichao well, and then in the pot warm for people to eat together the next meal or heat the food. In fact, the vegetables in the vitamin B1 in speculation after a good warm process will lose 25%. If fried cabbage for 30 minutes will lose 10% , if the length to one hour , you will lose 20%.

5 more bite to the soup

Many people eat vegetables do not love soup , in fact, most vitamins when cooking dissolved in the soup . With vitamin C, for example , cabbage cooked , there will be 70% of vitamin C dissolved in the soup ; fresh peas in boiling water for 3 minutes, 50% of vitamin C dissolved in the soup . When cutting vegetables in the wash , if cut and then rinse dishes , a lot of vitamins will be lost to the water.

6 more suction fat meat with Caichao

Some people do not eat in order to lose fat and prefer to eat vegetables added to the meat . The researchers found that all water containing rich vegetables, between its cells filled with air , while the meat was full of water between cells , so the vegetables easier to absorb grease, after eating but not conducive to weight loss.