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Beautify skin secrets

Adequate nutrition is the foundation beautify the skin , a balanced diet is to maintain healthy skin elements . The supplement skin nutrients needed from six nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins , vitamins, minerals and water . Among them, often on the skin beautifying effect ingestion of food can make your skin more beautiful .

Alkaline foods for the skin root in

The pH of the food composition is the type and content of minerals in proportion to the amount determined , alkaline foods is the food in the metabolism of the body , the resulting cations ( such as potassium and calcium ) than anions ( such as phosphoric acid and chlorine ) . The acid alkaline foods have any effect on the human body ? Foods are acid- alkaline , pH of blood there , while the usual side comparison of the blood alkaline . Although the human body has

Self-regulating acidity physical structure , but if prolonged blood rendered acidic , will reduce the resistance , the skin and various organs and tissues can not be perfect operation. Therefore, to physical health , beautiful skin , you should eat more healthy alkaline food:

Legumes : soybean alkaline highest , but the beans processed into its alkaline degree will be compromised . Secondly beans, red beans, pea pods is also an excellent blood alkaline based foods. Vegetables: Almost all vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, such as rape , cabbage, burdock , red ginger, tomato, carrot, alkaline foods are good sources of usual meal can be more accessible alkaline vegetables to strengthen the skin functions. Seaweed : brown algae such as kelp , seaweed, red algae such as seaweed , as well as green algae, are rich in calcium, iron, potassium , magnesium and iodine, is to strengthen the body 's alkaline healthy foods . Fresh fruits and juice : Almost all fruits are alkaline food, even with sour taste , but also belong to the alkaline foods . Indispensable key elements beautify the skin

Vitamins A, B, C, E are important sources of beautifying the skin , and its features include:

Vitamin A to promote the normalization of skin tissue , the lack of easy to damage the skin peeling , chapped skin becomes rough . To make the skin more healthy and beautiful , eat foods rich in vitamin A and carotene in foods such as red sweet potatoes , spinach , green onions, broccoli , pumpkin dark green and deep yellow fruits and vegetables .

B vitamins in vitamin B2, B6 and B12 and robust skin related . Vitamin B2 deficiency can cause the skin pores easy expansion, the formation of severe seborrheic dermatitis. Vitamin B6 and B12 deficiency color pale , usually should eat more fruits and vegetables rich in B vitamins , such as green and yellow vegetables , spinach , tomatoes , bananas , avocados and so on.

Vitamin C often present in fruits , help skin whitening . If the body lacks vitamin C, loss of skin tone , skin inner wall edema, skin color after sun damaged and prone to spots. Eating more foods rich in vitamin C , such as citrus fruits , guava , persimmon , strawberry and green vegetables , is the best skin care .

Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant , can reduce age spots and wrinkles , usually can eat a variety of green leafy vegetables, wheat germ , and to strengthen the skin functions. And preserve an important contributor to healthy skin

More intake of minerals, including iron, calcium and zinc , helps to maintain healthy skin :

Reduce iron deficiency causes red blood cells , the body of nutrients and oxygen can not be fully delivered to every corner of the skin will not work correctly. Usually should eat foods high in iron , such as red phoenix , spinach , grapes and plums and other fruits and vegetables .

Calcium can prevent and treat skin inflammation situation. Lilies, mushrooms, broccoli , sweet potato leaves, fruits and vegetables are high-quality skin care .

Zinc deficiency can lead to pimples and pustules , more intake of nuts, cereals and malt , etc., foods high in zinc content , can make the skin more delicate. Water aesthetics, there are ways to moisture

About two-thirds of the water in the body , 60 percent accumulates in the skin for conditioning the skin's elasticity , gloss and transparency , the activation function for the skin , has a pivotal effect . And usually how much water to drink in order to achieve the health effects ? Normal as a daily supplement of 1,200 ~ 2,000 cc of water, which is 6 to 8 cups ( each cup 240cc) of water can be called adequate ; addition , try to use during the day drink a few glasses of water, or drink too much but the impact of sleep at night and excretory functions . Weekdays with boiled water is ideal, too much coffee or tea , but because of the diuretic effect , a lot will be drained of water , causing water loss .