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Verbena, lemon grass, rosemary three grass slimming tea

[Effect] : stovepipe ! ! Can effectively eliminate lower body edema, reduce excess moisture , reduce varicose veins, intestines purification . Can freckle, wrinkle reduction . Three kinds of flowers combined with swelling dehumidification , designed stovepipe section for lower body fat is very effective .

      [The crowd]
        1 , lower body fat accumulation too , would like to specifically Tuntui for body sculpting .
        2 , nutrition, consuming too little , want to keep the legs wonderful curves female name .
        3 , sedentary office workers crowd, fat middle-aged crowd .

        Rosemary, verbena , lemon grass three kinds of herbal tea is very popular on Sohu God stovepipe tea can be repeated brewing ! Easily stovepipe , stick with it will be an unexpected surprise.

        1, the three kinds of herbal tea with boiling water , about 2 to 3 minutes to drink . A packet a day , with a kettle or a large cup ( because a packet of the amount is enough yo, without a large foam cup is no less than ) repeatedly continued blisters until watered down so far. Continued eight glasses of water works best , and you can add and subtract as appropriate, based on individual circumstances continued water .
        2 can also be boiled for 3 minutes, the taste is more intense .