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Apple to eliminate dark circles - apple beauty method

There is a simple way out is to eat apples, cut out two crescent-shaped like apple slices, were deposited in the eyes of the black eye, wrap each about ten minutes, once or twice a day, so insistent two days, dark circles will gradually disappear.

  In addition, Apple is good cosmetic results following:
1, whitening teeth: Apples are rich in fiber, which can remove fine fibers dirt between the teeth, so that you have enough confident smile.
2, detoxifies: Apples are rich in pectin, help regulate intestinal peristalsis, and it contains fiber to help rid the body of waste, and thus help you detoxifies.
3, whitening skin: Apples contain a lot of vitamin C, eat apples, can help eliminate skin freckles, dark spots, keeping the skin delicate rosy.