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Six kinds of anti-aging tonic golden fruits Qiangshen

1, anti-aging - Carrots
Carrots contain carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin C, minerals, and carotenoids. Especially because it contains anti-aging anti-cancer substances carotene, it is considered the modern treatment, health, anti-aging and longevity dish.

2, brain and kidney - Walnut
Walnut since ancient times, "longevity fruit" reputation, rich oleic acid, and 90% are unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, etc., for the body's cells and updates is very important.

3, dry hair - Avocado
Hair perm process will take away the hair's moisture and grease, hair becomes dry. Mature avocado contains 30% of the precious vegetable oil - oleic acid, on dry hair with special effects.

4, the excessive use of brain - bananas
Excessive use of the brain causes the body of vitamins, minerals and energy deficiency, in addition to brain fatigue, but also often feel depressed. Bananas can be added at this time to provide the necessary nutrients and to mitigate negative emotions. Consumption due to excessive use of brain vitamins, nutritionists recommend adding that other multi-vitamin tablets Centrum.

5, the excessive use of eyes - papaya
For a long time staring at a computer screen or TV screen, excessive use of eyes, retinal photoreceptors rely on key substance consume a lot of vitamin A, the eyes feel dry, pain, photophobia, and even decreased vision. At this point you need to provide a lot of vitamin A papaya. .

6, bleeding gums - kiwi
Gums healthy and vitamin C are closely related. Lack of vitamin C in human gingival become fragile, often bleeding, swelling, and even cause loose teeth. Kiwi fruit vitamin C content is the most abundant, and therefore is the most beneficial to the gums healthy fruits.