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Effective skin lightening vegetarian

1 , peas

Modern research has found that peas are rich in vitamin A , a substance in the body into vitamin A, and vitamin A has a moisturizing effect on the skin , but also from the general food intake , does not produce toxic side effects. Eat peas and swelling, stretch the skin function, can tighten wrinkles around the eyes .

2 , potatoes

For whitening of vegetables, as well as " double beans ," said one , two beans that potatoes and peas.

Potatoes are rich in B vitamins and a large number of high-quality cellulose, also contains trace elements , protein , fat, and high-quality starch and other nutrients .

These ingredients in anti-aging and disease prevention plays an important role in the process , can effectively help women to detoxify the body . Which is rich in vitamin C, so that women reply whitening skin. In addition , potatoes in crude fiber laxative can also play a role .

3 , white radish

White radish is a common vegetable , raw food can be cooked , its taste slightly spicy flavor. Can promote digestion , increase appetite , accelerate gastrointestinal motility and the role of cough and phlegm . So you can be white radish ? Because white radish is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C is an antioxidant, can inhibit melanin synthesis, preventing fat oxidation, preventing lipofuscin deposition . Therefore , eat white radish can make the skin pale and delicate .

4 carrots

Carrot known as " skin food", to moisturize the skin . It contains β -carotene , antioxidant and skin whitening can , you can also remove excess skin exfoliation, acne on oily skin also has soothing effect, egg yolk and honey moisturizing emollient effect . In addition , carrots are rich in pectin substances, can be combined with mercury , so that the body of harmful ingredients can be ruled out , the skin looks more delicate rosy.

5 , mushroom

Mushrooms nutritious, rich in protein and vitamins, low fat, no cholesterol. Edible mushrooms make more vigorous female hormone estrogen , anti-old age , making skin beautiful. In addition , mushrooms contain the human body is difficult to digest crude fiber , semi- crude fiber and lignin , can maintain intestinal water balance , but also absorb the remaining cholesterol, sugar, be excreted in the prevention of constipation, colon cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and so very favorable.

6 , cucumber

Cucumber is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene , niacin , calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, while cucumber also contains alcohol acid, cucurbitacin , soft Fine fiber and other components , to clean and whiten skin, eliminating sunburn and freckles , alleviate skin allergies, is a traditional beauty products saint .

Cucumber cucumber contained acid, can promote the body's metabolism and excretion of toxins . Vitamin C content 5 times higher than the watermelon can whiten the skin, maintain skin elasticity , inhibition of melanin formation. Cucumber can inhibit carbohydrate into fat, lung , stomach , heart, liver and excretory system are very useful . Summer easy irritability , thirst , sore throat or sputum, eating cucumber help alleviate inflammation.

7 , melon

Melon is a beauty to share , for skin whitening effect is remarkable. Daily rub rub with melon slices or winter flesh often facial cleansing facial , facial skin can make fine lubrication and reduce net melasma . This may be contained in the flesh histidine, urinary enzymes and vitamins, trace elements relevant . Melon traditionally also seen as thin top grade , the " thin melon " reputation. Modern medical profession that melon is one of the main effects of downsizing rich alcohol acid composition, this substance can inhibit carbohydrate into fat, thus preventing the accumulation of fat in the human body to produce slimming effect .