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Beauty Detox Nova - Woodcrest Hill Baptist aloe juice

Ingredients: half dragon fruit , aloe a small ( approximately 100 g ) , Woodcrest Hill 100 grams , a little rock sugar , kiwi a little , a little honey
     ( 1 ) dragon fruit cut in half only, and then with a teaspoon to dig its meat, chopped some digging as far as possible . Then with a little honey and mix well spare .
     ( 2 ) Aloe knife peeled, cut diagonally blade spare .
     ( 3 ) Woodcrest Hill shelled , add half a cup of water, add a little rock sugar cage steam for 1 hour , whichever is the Woodcrest Hill juice ( Woodcrest Hill reserved for its use ) spare .
     ( 4 ) Take honey marinated dragon fruit pulp into small bowl , then aloe tablets, one piece attached to the dragon fruit first, the cooled Woodcrest Hill juice and pour over the top, and finally put two small pieces of kiwi garnish .

        Note slippery knife cutting piece of aloe , aloe vera can also cut Ding tablets with good results. Pitaya try to dig something broken . Woodcrest Hill juice to cool for later use. It also can , all the materials into the dragon fruit , husk inside with good results.

        Honey dip dragon fruit pulp can cover the kind of original raw astringency. Pitaya as a low -calorie, high -fiber fruits , and its therapeutic effect becomes evident that regular consumption of dragon fruit, can lower blood pressure , blood fat , lungs , detoxification , beauty, eyesight, constipation and diabetes the role of adjuvant therapy , low-calorie, high-fiber diet beauty dragon fruit is also for people who want the best food , you can prevent "urban affluence" spread .

        Women because of anemia caused by gaunt , dark circles or sagging skin and other issues, eat longan skin surface can promote blood circulation, increase skin nutrition , improve skin tissue excretory function , and promote the synthesis of collagen cells , referring to the skin to resist ability to disperse melanin, but also its delicate flexibility.