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Vegetarians should pay attention to the four basic principles


Taiwan is the world where a high proportion of vegetarians, a considerable number of vegetarian restaurants and more, there are from the mainland to visit Taiwan before going to worry about vegetarians vegetarian restaurant is hard to find, but the one to the airport will be able to find a vegetarian restaurant, not to mention to the city, it is easy to find all kinds of vegetarian restaurants. Taiwanese vegetarian culture, vegetarian nutrition research is well developed and it is a Yahoo Kimo knowledge about how healthy vegetarian articles:
Some patients believe that Taiwan's vegetarian health help, but some people think vegetarian easy undernourished, sick people should not be vegetarian. In this regard, Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center Rehabilitation physician Jane Shi-lin said that just getting started with vegetarian who often commit some mistakes, so that the nutritional intake is not balanced, in fact, a vegetarian is learned, it is recommended want vegetarian people should grasp the four principles for a healthy vegetarian diet can really make extra points.
Principle a choice of food should be diversified. Although a considerable number of plant nutrients, but to different types of food intake in order to take into account the quality, so vegetarians best daily intake of thirty different kinds of fruits and vegetables, rice, coupled with the concept of colors, choice of yellow, red, black, green, white, etc. Different colors of food, doing so is because of the different color represents which contain different nutrients.
Focus on two complementary principles specific nutrients. Vegan people most likely to lack vitamin B12, so be especially vegan who consume kelp, seaweed, beetroot and other foods containing vitamin B12. In addition, plant foods, iron, calcium ratio is relatively low, so more intake of seaweed, algae, moss and red amaranth and other orang-iron foods, as well as white amaranth, sesame seeds, dark green vegetables and other calcium-rich food.
Principle three eat processed foods or preserved foods. Many vegetarian chicken, vegetarian duck, vegetarian fish are legumes processed products, these processed foods are mainly of beans, often add a lot of artificial flavors, resulting in the lack of variety of food ingredients, which has been confirmed with pickled foods upper gastrointestinal malignancy, it is best not to eat too much.
Principle IV attention to food match. Plant more types of protein, but can not bring a single kind of food is usually complete amino acid the body, so vegetarians should pay more attention mix of different types of foods, such as cereals and legumes should be eaten together, or mix milk and sesame eating is a good combination.