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Meat is cruel and self-mutilation of human greed

Vegetarian food scientist, said: "carnivorous humans both cruel and kind of greed and self-mutilation is not necessary for the body of the human body essential nutrients, completely get food from plants, while plant foods but also eliminates the harmful ingredients in animal food vegetarians are healthier, more intelligent, more dynamic. "vegetarian scientists also showed the results of their research, such as: carnivorous obese nine times more likely than vegetarians, vegetarians cancer 40% lower than average risk of suffering 50% lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Gandhi, Einstein, Newton, Edison, Tolstoy, George Bernard Shaw these human hero, are factors that food and longevity. Indian Vegetarian Mahatma Gandhi said: "The Earth can meet everyone's needs, but can not meet everyone's desires." To meet the tongue, in addition to hunting and fishing, the human world is also full of fish and livestock farming, produced on Earth Most food animal intestines thrown into manure. U.S. livestock bigger appetite than Americans, the consumption of food five times more than people. A feed grain statistics: rich meat such as the United States, as much as 70% of the food spoil in various farms. Therefore, vegetarians just such an account: If you live in their own human control carnivorous habit, saved enough to feed grain feed hungry people around the world. "For me, a kid's life and human life as precious." Gandhi's famous phrase vegetarian, vegetarians also humanitarian declaration. In vegetarians seems like people, animals, fish and insects, but also the owner the right to life, that man was the ledge, the life and freedom back to those who trampled the poor animals. Thanksgiving roast turkey is the United States representative food, every year tens of millions of turkeys dying for. On Thanksgiving Day, Maryland a vegetarian groups have invited six jump turkey, vegetarian dinner with them at the same table together. In these vegetarians out there, turkey is no longer sitting dishes, they become a VIP with people on an equal footing. Poultry harmonious scenes kind of person to promote the respect for life, touched more Americans to join vegetarian camp. Stunning move, there must be cautionary effect. Control his tongue this world, too many people control his desires. No taboos, no awe, no believers among the thousands of wild carnivores with any different? Aisi Li said: "The desire for freedom is not out of control, and plenty to enjoy not excessive and we are not demanding we are vegetarian, we just want to let everyone know, with the belief in control of their own desires, human beings will not repeat the fate of the dinosaurs. " Easy to eat meat so unpleasant odor cancer In the end what kind of diet power to change our lives and escape the body. If you want to do a taste elegant man, eliminate body odor is necessary, it not only affects our image, will bring to life a variety of problems. How to change the taste by changing the diet, that is, we have the following to say. If we emphasis on meat, leaving the blood becomes acidic, then the harmful blood acidic substances, there is great in most secreted from sweat, especially underarm sweat secreted from the most, these acidic substances are Stink, so they armpit stench. Vegetarian contain essential human sugar, protein, fat, minerals and rich in vitamins, they delay aging, prevent the occurrence of age-related diseases, improve health has an important role. Vegetables, fruits alkaline food. People usually intake of acidic foods more easily cause acid-base balance disorders, harmful to health. So underarm sweat glands in the human body metabolism can result, most loyal reflected. Foul smell from the armpit, can know the blood is more harmful acids, that is, is a poor quality of the blood. But if instead we vegetarian, the blood becomes slightly alkaline, acidic able to these harmful substances in the blood to be in the inner and, finally, while also excreted to the outside to the same, but without the unpleasant odor, So vegetarian people do not have a bad body odor. By vegetarian taste is entirely feasible to change things, but pay attention to the words vegetarian what do? We take a look at the basics of vegetarian is what. The benefits of vegetarianism Vegetarian very beneficial to human health, not only can make your body smell fragrant odor, it is very much on the health benefits of having in recent years, after a large number of Chinese and foreign scientists confirmed clinical medicine, acidic blood is a variety of cancer cells hotbed, acidic blood cancer recurrence and metastasis probability close to one hundred percent, so, in order to reduce the risk of cancer, vegetarianism is the best choice. Meanwhile, more studies have shown that vegetarian food can purify the blood, prevent constipation and hemorrhoids produce, skincare, regulate body, and emotional stability. And meat than up, vegetarian health aspects of it in a lot of benefits: 1 vegetarian diet is the most natural longevity. 2. Vegetarianism is the most effective and fundamental beauty products saint. 3 vegetarian can reduce the incidence of cancer, especially colorectal cancer, colon cancer. 4 vegetarian can reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and obesity and other chronic diseases. 5 Vegetarian helps to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis. 6 vegetarian weight loss medicine.