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Benefits of vegetarianism do you really know

 With the improvement of living standards, modern fat, protein fat, sugar intake, resulting in nutrition, nutritional disorders. From the nutritional point of view, the human diet with meat and vegetables should be the golden ratio 2:5, ie 2 points 6 points prime meat. However, with the economic development and living standards improve, people tend to eat more animal foods, and even this proportion fell over, became a sub-prime meat 7 points. The so-called disease from the mouth, unhealthy eating habits is the formation of a variety of modern diseases such as obesity, diabetes and other diseases of the roots. International Vegetarian Day determined to remind people to get out of this substandard diet, eat vegetarian food, develop healthy eating habits.
Further, since the meat more calories, cellulose content, after digestion a large amount of manure produced is not beneficial intestinal peristalsis. Long-term accumulation of feces in the intestine, water is absorbed and becomes dry and the formation of constipation. Meanwhile, the accumulation of feces in the intestine, which has been the intestinal absorption of toxins, would create bad breath, fullness, vomiting and other symptoms. In contrast, contains a lot of vegetables and many vegetarian cellulose, can increase intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation, is conducive to human health. Here we take a look at what are the benefits to a vegetarian diet
The benefits of a vegetarian diet: longevity often vegetarian can play the role of longevity. According to nutritionists, vegetarians than non-vegetarians better longevity. Turns muddy northern Pakistan and the Indian central Mexico, are all original vegetarian nation, the average life expectancy is extremely high, enviable. Buddhist monks also factor in food and enjoy longevity.
The benefits of vegetarianism 2: Reduce the accumulation of toxins vegetarian nutrition is very easily digested and absorbed in the stomach does not digest meat, and even goes to fashion a majority of the large intestine undigested or only half digested meat so corrupt heyday in the large intestine, and the bring toxic, harmful.
The benefits of vegetarianism 3: Vegetarian reduce cholesterol levels in the blood cholesterol is always contained less than meat eaters, blood cholesterol levels if too many, often, can cause blood vessel blockage, a high blood pressure, heart disease and other illnesses the main reason.
The benefits of vegetarianism 4: can prevent cancer and meat is closely related to some cancers, especially colon cancer, factors that food contains a lot of fiber, can stimulate motility speed, which will help purge, so that the body of harmful substances discharged real time, reducing the harmful substances on the intestinal wall stimulation damage. According to U.S. research data show that vegetarians low incidence of cancer than meat eaters twenty to forty percent, coupled with gastric cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and food toxins, vegetarian really can delay cancer changes.
The benefits of vegetarianism 5: To reduce chronic renal insufficiency in terms of kidney disease, eating vegetarian, reduce burden on the kidney, without reducing protein intake. There are also vegetarian literature report to improve rheumatoid arthritis, plus vegetarian diet can improve immunity, can prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases.
The benefits of vegetarianism 6: Avoid excessive uric acid often Meat and generate excessive uric acid, causing a heavy load on the kidneys, kidney stones and kidney failure, and the occurrence of a certain relationship, vegetarian diet can eliminate this effect.
The benefits of vegetarianism 7: Helps body acid-base neutralization and human physique is alkaline, the meat becomes too easy to make body fluids acidic, and increase the chances of becoming sick, vegetarian diet would help the pH of body and.
The benefits of vegetarianism 8: Reducing risk of pancreatitis caused by eating a lot of meat causes a sharp increase in the secretion of trypsin, pancreatic excretion will lead to pancreatitis and other serious digestive diseases. All fruits and vegetables instead of digestible cereal nutrition, easy to direct absorption, plant cellulose can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, the support is not easy to loose fecal induration and prevent constipation.
The benefits of vegetarianism 9: Stable nervous system in general, vegetarian usual cereals, nuts, vegetables, fruits, including enough protein, carbohydrates, vegetable oils, minerals and vitamins, are a variety of body essential nutrients. Vegetarian buildable body's tissues, but also maintenance repair and generate heat, the supply of human physical, people's blood alkaline based, does not make it hazardous to acidic and rich in vitamins, but also stabilize the nervous system.