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Sesame potatoes vegetable pie

Sesame potatoes vegetable pie

Raw material;

Potatoes, carrots, cabbage, vegetarian meat, sesame

Production methods

(1)Boiled potatoes. Potatoes into cold water immersion. Peeling potatoes from cold water fish, and then pressed into the mud on the menu board spare.

(2)Carrots cooked. Then chop fine alternative on the menu board.

(3)Wash cabbage, cut into filaments spare.

(4)Vegetarian meat cut at the end.

(5)Mashed potatoes, carrot at the end, cabbage silk, vegetarian meat, salt, pepper and mix well, add some starch mix well together. , Then shape into oval form pie./P>

(6)The finish of the potato cake, microwave oven, high heat for 5 minutes out. Take a pan, put a little oil into the pan, put into the pot potato pie.

(7)With curry powder, curry sauce for baking, pour the pan. Then decorated with lemon wedges, tomato slices, lettuce match.