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Vegetarian diet can reduce wrinkles

  1, the orange peel pounded, dipped medical alcohol, be moderate honey, put a week later, to lubricate the skin and remove wrinkles

  2, banana mash, add half a tablespoon of olive oil, stir bar evenly coated in the face

  3, watermelon rind washed with water after the cleaning surface, and then washed with water wash, can make the skin fresh, smooth.

  4, loofah wrinkles, the wire juice mixed alcohol and honey, the juice applied to the face, until dry and then washed with water.

  5, cucumbers clean face. Just put sliced ​​cucumbers in a clean face, make the skin delicate lubrication, remove wrinkles.

  6、Chestnuts pound fine, with honey and mix thoroughly coated surface, can face smooth, wrinkles and stretch.